What we offer for group lessons!


Rock Kids

Rock Your Socks Off: Take your busy toddler's energy and put it into learning how to Rock N' Roll! We will keep them busy strumming a guitar, beating a drum, playing the ukulele, and more. From Taylor Swift to the Beatles to Queen and everything in between, you and your toddler will learn the foundations of music through songs that everyone loves. During the semester, our comprehensive and progressive curriculum will focus on building important musical skills – holding a steady beat, fine motor skills, and will incorporate kinesthetic learning by interacting with real instruments.


Raised on Rock: The Dominelli School of Music Preschool offers a rich sensory environment where the children experience music, literacy through phonics, and other important skills in preparation for Kindergarten. Through our internationally recognized Rock Kids music program, students will spend 30 minutes each day learning about rhythm, reading music, and active listening. Studies have shown that early musical experiences are an important way to help create neural connections in your child's actively developing brain. While listening to music is certainly key to creating them, it's when kids actively participate in music that they make the strongest connections. 

Piano Maestros

Our group piano classes are designed to provide a positive beginning to musical education in a fun and social environment for beginners. This program helps to develop an understanding of introductory musical concepts and piano performance, while also providing the students with an opportunity to motivate and encourage one another in a group setting.  

 Guitar Rockstars Learning guitar for the very first time in our group class is a fun and interactive experience. Not only will you learn how to strum your first song, tune your instrument, and read tablature, you will also be able to jam with other learning musicians and create new music together. This is a great way to begin your journey as a guitar player! 

Instrument Extravaganza

Sometimes the toughest part about starting music lessons is deciding which instrument you want to play! Why not try them all? In our Music Extravaganza class, students will have the opportunity to try piano, guitar, drums, and singing...all in one class! Every month your child will get the chance to try a different instrument and experience a variety of musical concepts and some beginner techniques, unique to each instrument.

Singing Superstars

Our Singing Superstars group voice lessons are an exciting introduction to singing lessons. In this dynamic group lesson, vocalists will perform today's music and learn how to perform it with confidence. 


Adult Group Guitar

Do you wish you could play the guitar? Are you retired and your wife would like you to have a hobby? Would you like to play the guitar around a campfire? We offer guitar lessons for people just like you!  If you are an adult or an older teen sign up for beginner guitar lessons and start rocking!

Group Ukulele

The ukulele is a great starter instrument, and opportunity to play a stringed instrument that is easy on the fingers.  Also, if your child is interested in taking guitar, but is still quite young, the ukulele is agreat alternative as it is the perfect agateway instrument to a full 6 string.




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